How to get to Cookridge Village Hall (also see map)

Follow Leeds ring road (A6120) to the junction with Otley Road (A660), which is signposted Skipton A660. The photo shows the view coming from the east side, e.g. York, directing you to turn right. If you're coming from the west side, e.g. Bradford, you'll see a similar sign but guess what, you turn left, not right.


on the other side of the roundabout is the Weetwood Hotel, very visible.

Turn towards Skipton and Otley for 0.15 mile and fork left into Otley Old Road. The sign says 'Cookridge 2'. Go the way it points - i.e. pass right shoulders with that sign (yes, right shoulders!) photo

Follow this road for about 1.4 miles passing a large telecommunications tower on your right - a thing of beauty and a joy for ever ...... just follow that red bus.

Keep going. When you meet the speed bumps you're getting close.


You want to find Tinshill Road (NB before you get to Tinshill Road you pass Tinshill Lane, and Tinshill Drive, but just ignore them, they're just out to be confusing - the Leeds road-naming committee should be given a prize for imaginative and helpful nomenclature).

When you see the sign for The Eyre Inn on your right, on the corner with Holtdale Approach, you're almost there .....


... immediately take the next left into Tinshill Road (NB not Tinshill Lane, nor Tinshill Drive, but Tinshill Road!)

There is no visible road name at the junction but it looks like this.

First right (almost at once) into Moseley Wood Lane photo

The village hall is on the left at the end of the road. It's the building on the left in the photo. The sign where you drive in says simply Private Car Park.



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